Naturally Removing Left-Over Musty Odors After Water Damage Restoration

7 May 2018
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Once water has damaged an area of your home, you'll likely have to deal with the musty smell that is left behind. Even after the visible damage is gone, the smell of the damage could linger for weeks or even months. Here, you'll find some tips to help you eliminate that musty smell so that things smell as good as they look. Furnishings The team that came in and completed the water damage restoration work for you has already removed the damaged building materials, but the things that you've brought back into your house could be filling your home with that musty stink. Read More 

April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers: How To Waterproof Your Home This Spring

20 April 2018
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Now that spring is here, it's important that you waterproof your basement. You might think that the danger has passed now that winter is over. Unfortunately, that's not actually true. Spring rains increase your chances of being affected by basement flooding. The best way to avoid spring basement flooding is to start waterproofing as soon as the warm weather approaches. Here are four steps you need to take to make sure your basement is protected against springtime flooding. Read More 

After Flood Waters Subside: 3 Hazards That Can Come Back To Haunt Your Home

27 February 2018
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If your home has been flooded, there is a lot of work that you put into renovations and you do not want problems to surface later. Some of the hazards include things like contamination and mold growth. Raw sewage can also be a problem in some cases. Here are some of the hazards that can come back and haunt your home after flood restorations and how to prevent them from affecting your home: Read More 

3 Overlooked Issues That Could Affect Your Lawn’s Growth

24 January 2018
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Do you have a lawn that looks ragged and unkempt in the summer? Are you wondering what you can do to change that? Once you have a beautiful lawn, it's usually easy to maintain the grass and keep it looking nice. But if you've moved into a home where the previous homeowner neglected the lawn, getting it back into shape can sometimes be difficult. If you're having trouble with your lawn, it's possible that you have missed one or more of the following commonly overlooked issues: Read More 

Repairing Damage From A Flood In Your Home

1 January 2018
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Water damage can be a real problem if your home has been flooded but getting the water out is not the only thing that needs to be dealt with. Along with the water, a flood carries in organic matter, debris, and even trash in some cases. The cleanup can be extensive and the time it takes to get it done may be longer than you expect but there are cleanup companies that can help. Read More