Waterproofing By Degrees: Tips To Help Homeowners Deal With Every Level Of Basement Water Infiltration

14 November 2016
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Discovering that water has infiltrated a home's basement is something that every homeowner dreads. Wet basements are more than inconvenient for the family that lives there—this type of moisture can affect the air quality of the home, allow mold and mildew to flourish, and create or exacerbate many health problems for the occupants, especially those of a respiratory nature. Whether you are dealing with constant water infiltration issues or experience less frequent problems, ridding your home of this type of unhealthy moisture will help to ensure your family a healthy living space and also help to protect the value of the house by preventing damage to the structure, materials, and contents within. Read More 

Smell Mold But Can’t Find it? Check Your Natural Stone Bathroom & Wall Tiles

4 August 2016
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If you smell the musty scent of mold in your bathroom but can't locate the source, you're probably not looking in the right places. Different types of mold species can grow inside and outside homes, including toxic black mold. The most common locations for mold growth include your bathroom's shower stall and behind the toilet. Condensation, moisture and water leaks are often causes of the growth. But mold can also hide beneath your bathroom's natural stone floor and wall tiles. Read More