The Importance of Professional Roof Inspection After Shingles Blow Off

11 February 2021
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Storms with strong winds can easily damage residential roofing. As homeowners pick up shingles from the property, they should not ignore the possibility of future leaks. Roof leaks are not always obvious, yet they can result in serious damage to the home. Calling a roofing contractor to inspect the structure and perform necessary repairs is important.

Preventing Future Problems

A few shingles on the lawn may seem innocuous, but this might be the start of a larger problem. Others probably came loose in the storm but stayed on the house. Some may have been cracked by the wind force while remaining attached to the building. Future strong winds can tear these loose, broken shingles off too.

As more of those protective materials land on the ground, the home becomes increasingly susceptible to leaks that might not be discovered quickly. Scheduling an appointment with a roofer at the first sign of trouble helps prevent future problems.

Detecting Hidden Leaks

People tend to envision roof leaks causing water dripping from the ceiling or running down a wall. In many cases, the leak is essentially hidden until flaws worsen. The water could be dripping into a closet that is hardly ever opened, for example. It could be occurring in an attic that the household residents only use for storing holiday decorations.

Finding the Origin

Even if water is visibly dripping into the building, it's best to call a contractor for roofing repair and not attempt a do-it-yourself project. First, finding the origin can be difficult for a person who is not experienced in this work. Water travels down slopes of the deck and beams before dripping onto the ceiling. A leak might not even be related to the shingles that blew off. It could be another flaw that only became evident because of the severe storm.

Avoiding Ineffective Efforts

Inexperienced individuals also can waste time on ineffective efforts. They might use the wrong nails or do the work incorrectly. Sometimes the leak actually gets worse because of incorrect repair attempts. When the homeowners finally call a roofer, the project is now more labor-intensive. 

Making the Right Decision

Calling a roofer to inspect the top of the building after wind tears shingles off is the best choice. The contractor can replace missing and damaged shingles using correct tools and techniques. If any leaks have developed, the roofer can confirm whether the missing shingles caused the problem or another flaw is to blame. That flaw will be repaired as well.