Hold Onto The Family Dining Set To Create More Cherished Memories

3 September 2019
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So many memories, good and bad, are created around the family dining table. Over the years, the dining set becomes an important part of your family history. If you've been handed down the family dining set, but worry that it's looking too worn for your personal taste, don't get rid of it. Here, you'll find a few tips to help bring life back into the table that has bonded your family together for so many years.

Look into Upholstery Services

One of the quickest ways to update an outdated dining room set is to have the seats reupholstered. In many cases, the seats are only held on with a few screws and can be removed in just minutes. They can then be sent out to an upholstery service to have new fabric put on them. If the padding is worn down, now would be the best time to replace it as well.

You can choose to find a fabric that looks as close to the original as possible, or you can go with fabric that coordinates with your home's décor. It's completely up to you—you don't have to stick with the original colors to hold onto the family feel of the set.

Strip, Sand, and Refinish

If the wood is looking aged, chipped up, or damaged, you may be able to refinish it with some stripping, sanding, and refinishing. This is a huge job if you decide to do the entire set—but it will really make the set look like new.

If there are just a few nicks and scratches, you may be able to purchase a wood scratch repair kit at your local home improvement store. These kits include everything that you need to camouflage the damage on the table, as well as the instructions on how to get the job done right.

Purchase a Glass Top

You can have a glass top cut to size to cover the table with. This is ideal for those really old wooden tables that easily become scratched, or that you just want to provide a greater level of protection for. The glass top rests on top of the table and prevents moisture and further scratches and gouges from occurring.

Your family's dining table can be the place to create many more years of memories with the future generations of your family. Don't let it go—your kids and future grandkids will love to hear you tell stories of dinners past around this table.