2 Tips For Keeping Your Truck Trailer Maintained

22 May 2019
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If you routinely need to pull a trailer behind your truck for work, you need to make sure that it is kept in good working condition to help avoid mishaps while driving down the road. To do this, regular maintenance is essential. The following tips provide you with just a couple of things you can do to make sure the truck trailer is safe for the road.

1.  Make Sure the Axles Are Properly Lubricated

When you drive year-round, the underside of your trailer is subjected to a lot of moisture. Whether the roads are wet from rain or slushy from ice and snow, the constant spray of moisture can take its toll on the metal axles that not only support the trailer but also connect the wheels.

If the axles are not properly lubricated, the metal along the shafts and at the connections with the wheels will start to rust. If these metal parts become so corroded that they weaken, the axles could break under the weight of the load and even cause a wheel to come off. Either of these situations could lead to a serious accident.

At least once a month or more if you drive every day, check to see that the axles are well greased and lubricated. If not, you need to lubricate them if you have any prior experience. If not, have a professional service do it for you.

2.  Keep the Tires Inflated at the Recommended PSI

While the axles help support and keep the wheels together, the tires are what make it possible to pull the trailer down the road. If the tires are not inflated to the recommended pressure per square inch, or PSI, a couple of things could happen.

If the tires are underinflated, the trailer will drag on the road, especially if it is carrying a heavy load. This can greatly affect your gas mileage and wear down your tires faster.

If the tires are overinflated, you will not have complete traction between the tread and the road. Even a small bump could cause you to lose control of the trailer, which could either make the trailer swing out of your lane or even flip it and your truck.

The above tips are only a couple of things to do to ensure that your trailer is kept in safe condition to help you avoid problems while on the road. For more information or to have a professional perform maintenance on your trailer, contact a business like A 24-7 Repair Services that offers truck trailer maintenance services.