3 Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Boat For Storage Or Winter Fishing Trips

26 August 2018
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Soon, the warm summer days are going to be long gone, and you are still left with boat maintenance to do from your last fishing trip. This is a time of the year when many boat owners are preparing for winter storage, but there are still a few that are preparing for winter fishing and a big catch. Here are some tips to prepare your boat for storage and winter fishing trips if you are looking for a real adventure.

1. Charging and Changing Boat Batteries During the Winter Months

During the winter months, batteries can lose their electrical charge, which is why you want to make sure your batteries are completely charged when winterizing your boat. If your boat is going to be in winter storage, it is a good idea to remove the battery completely and store it in a safe place until next year. If you are still going to be using your boat for things like early bass fishing, then you may want to go ahead and replace old batteries to ensure you do not have any problems starting the motor in cold weather.

2. Use Oil and Other Engine Fluids That Protect Parts at The Lowest Temperatures

The engine and mechanical parts of your boat use lubricant and other fluids that can be vulnerable during cold weather. To ensure your boat is not damaged in storage and that it is ready to go out on the water for bass fishing when you need it, make sure that you change the oil and other fluids. When you change all the fluids, use fluids that are designed to protect mechanical parts at colder temperatures.

3. Clean the Hull and The Motor to Reduce the Potential for Cold Weather Damage

One of the most important tasks when preparing your boat for winter is cleaning it. You will want to clean the hull and inspect for any signs of damage that needs repairs, which will be easier to do now while your boat is out of the water. In addition, clean the engine and other mechanical components to ensure your boat is in good operating conditions. If you have live-wells, you will also want to clean them and blow out any excess moisture. Do routine maintenance to live-wells after you take your boat out every time during the winter months.

These are some tips to prepare your boat for storage or winter fishing trips. Whether you store your boat in storage facilities or you are preparing for a few fishing expeditions over the winter, your boat is going to need maintenance. You can contact a boat maintenance and repair service to help get your boat ready for another long winter and whatever lay ahead. 

For more information, contact your local boat repair service.