3 Overlooked Issues That Could Affect Your Lawn's Growth

24 January 2018
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Do you have a lawn that looks ragged and unkempt in the summer? Are you wondering what you can do to change that? Once you have a beautiful lawn, it's usually easy to maintain the grass and keep it looking nice. But if you've moved into a home where the previous homeowner neglected the lawn, getting it back into shape can sometimes be difficult. If you're having trouble with your lawn, it's possible that you have missed one or more of the following commonly overlooked issues:

Dull lawn mower blades:  As long as the grass gets cut, most people assume that their lawn mower is functioning just fine. Unfortunately, dull blades have a tendency to tear grass apart instead of cutting it down. If you inspect the grass after mowing with dull blades, they will appear ragged and serrated. At the end of the summer, when your lawn has died back for the year, it's a good idea to take your mower to a lawn mower repair shop for an inspection and for them to sharpen your blades before you store it away for the winter. Contact a company like TM Bowden INC for more information on lawn mower repair.

Improper mowing: Some people are under the impression that mowing more often causes grass to grow faster and/or more thickly. As with the similar myth about shaving, this is simply not true. Frequent mowing can stress your lawn due to the loss of nutrients and water. Unless your lawn is growing exceptionally fast, you need only mow once a week. When the grass is growing slowly, you may only need to mow once every other week. Another mowing issue is setting the mower blades too low. Longer blades of grass result in a healthier lawn overall. Low blades not only make it difficult for the grass to recover, the blades have a greater chance of hitting a rock or other hard object that then requires a trip to the lawn mower repair shop to fix.

Clogged sprinkler heads: If you have a sprinkler system installed and set to run automatically, you may be assuming that your lawn is getting sufficient water. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Over time, sprinkler heads can become clogged with calcium or lime deposits, greatly reducing the amount of water that is able to flow through them. They can also become misaligned, sometimes even turning to face the wrong way. Both of these things can result in uneven coverage and poor lawn growth. Once or twice a year, you should test your sprinkler system manually, walking around to ensure even coverage and no misdirected spray.