Repairing Damage From A Flood In Your Home

1 January 2018
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Water damage can be a real problem if your home has been flooded but getting the water out is not the only thing that needs to be dealt with. Along with the water, a flood carries in organic matter, debris, and even trash in some cases. The cleanup can be extensive and the time it takes to get it done may be longer than you expect but there are cleanup companies that can help.

Where to Begin

If your home is involved in a flood, there is little you can do until the water recedes and the area is safe to reenter. Be prepared that the water may be gone but the dirt, debris, and damage will remain. When you enter your home, it may smell bad, it will most likely look bad, and you will most likely not be fully prepared for the damage that has occurred. Before anything else, start taking pictures of everything so that you can submit them to your insurance company, first thing. You may be tempted to start cleaning things up, but take the time to talk to the insurer and be sure that they don't need anything before you start moving things and trying to salvage your belongings. It is hard, but it is a necessary step in the process.

Salvaging Your Memories

Many of the things in your home may have sentimental value and as soon as the insurance company says it is okay to do so, you will likely want to start sifting through the things in your home. Take pictures of damaged items as you sort things out. Things that stayed above the waterline should be okay but things that didn't will have to be assessed to see if they can be cleaned and saved. There are some flood cleanup companies that offer this service and will help you sort through then clean up these items.

Hiring a Clean Up Company

If you are going to hire a company to come clean up the damage in your home, be sure that they have a positive track record and are not just some fly-by-night company looking to take advantage of you after the flood. Unfortunately, these companies or individuals are out there so use a larger, brand name company to do your clean up work. They will clean what can be, tell you what can't be, and may even recommend a contractor to do any structural damage repair to the home. It is important to get everything clean and dry as quickly as possible to avoid rot and mold issues in places you can see down the road. Once the work is done, take a walk through and really check everything to be sure nothing was missed in the process and be sure to ask any questions you have about what they did or how they did it.

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