Why Should You Waterproof Your Basement?

31 March 2017
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Waterproofing your basement takes an extra step, so you may be wondering if the effort is worth it. Here are some reasons why it is. 

It Prevents Mold Problems

Of the many things that water can do to your home, mold is one of the most annoying and possibly disgusting issues. When water is able to sit in your basement walls for an extended period of time, there is a good chance that mold spores will find it to be a great home. There is also the possibility of water that allows bacteria to breed. Either way, these problems are very tricky to get rid of. Mold treatment may require you to completely strip away sections of drywall, since the mold can live inside the actual material and be impossibly to fully clean off of a surface. If that all sounds like a big headache, you might want to take basement waterproofing seriously. 

It Prevents Structural Damage

Another big issue that comes up with water damage is that it affects your entire structure. A partially crumbled or deteriorated structure is difficult to fix in an organized way, since you can't exactly remove parts of the material that your home's weight is relying upon. What tends to happen is that the structure is repaired as best as possible but it is never quite as strong as it once was. 

It Makes the Space More Habitable

Basement waterproofing is also a way to fully claim the entire space of your home. Waterproofing is a big step towards having a completely finished basement. Consider that basement space can be easily used for storage. It could be used as a play area for your kids. You could make it into another apartment to rent out to a tenant. But if the basement is not waterproofed, you will always be reluctant to store valuables there, lest they be the victim of water damage. Waterproofing prevents that scenario. 

It Adds Value to Your Home

You probably shouldn't make this the primary reason for getting your basement waterproofed, but it's true that having a basement that's got waterproofing features is more attractive than having an unfinished basement without these additions. So, if you see the value in investing in waterproofing your basement in order to protect yourself from disaster, know that there's an added possibility that you will get a higher selling price for your home with this in place.