Top Four Unique Siding Finishes For Custom Homes With Trendy Designs

21 March 2017
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Trendy designs are something that you want when you do renovations to your home. This is not just something that you want to do for remodeling a kitchen or bathroom but also when you update the exterior of your home. When it is time to replace the siding on your home, you may want to consider some trendy designs to finish your exterior. Here are some trendy siding finishes that will give your home a unique custom look:

1. Reclaimed Lumber to Give a Modern Home an Aged Look

Reclaimed lumber is a great way to add a unique look to your home. There are materials available from many different suppliers, which can be milled into unique siding materials for your home. Some of these reclaimed lumber materials may already be thin flooring planks or old siding from factories and barns that have been dismantled. The reclaimed timber is a great way to give your home an aged look. If you are doing a modern design for your home, then aged materials will help blend the design in with nature and give your home a unique custom finish with aged wood materials. A paint stripping service can help with the removal of old paints and application of protective sealants to preserve the look of your siding.

2. Charring Wood Finishes to Create an Interesting Siding Finish

Charring wood siding is a great way to create unique finishes on the exterior of your home. If you have siding that is stained or painted, have a paint stripping service remove the paint before charring is done. For light colored woods like cedar siding, the charring is a great way to bring out the texture of the grain in the wood. Lightly charring the surface will highlight grains and preserve the look of the harder wood in the siding. There is also deep charring that will give your homes exterior a deep black charred finish, where you will be able to see unique patterns in the burnt wood.

3. Mixtures of Siding Widths for Unique Patterns in Modern Designs

Another option for a unique siding look is to use a variety of different widths for the boards. Vary the widths to create unique designs with some rows being wider or some being thinner. This is another type of siding finish that you can use recycled materials for. If you use reclaimed siding materials, they are often covered with paint, so you can have the paint stripped off the materials before you paint them or apply another type of finish.

These are a few of the unique siding finishes that are going to give your home a custom finish. If you have old wood siding with paint or sealant, contact a paint stripping service to prepare it for custom finishes like charring.