3 Ways To Help A Fire Restorer To Do Their Job In The Aftermath Of A House Fire

9 March 2017
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A house fire can be a terrifying and destructive event. Even if you managed to extinguish the fire quickly and with relatively little damage to the structure of your home, the impact of smoke and airborne soot on your possessions can be significant. Fabrics and textiles can be seriously affected by smoke, even if they were in rooms that didn't catch on fire. The smell of smoke can permeate the material on clothes, carpets, soft furnishings, upholstered furniture, and mattresses.

If this has happened in your home and you are concerned that you may need to dispose of all the smoke-affected items, don't despair. Cleaners who specialize in fire restoration can have your possessions clean and smelling great in no time. If you're going to hire a fire restoration expert, then here are the three ways you can help them to get the best results.

1. Don't attempt to clean the items yourself

Despite your best intentions, attempting to clean your smoke damaged items may actually make them harder to clean. Using the wrong cleaning products or cleaning implements can cause soot stains and odor particles to become sealed into the material. Your fire restorer will have specialized implements and heavy-duty products to do the job right.

2. Keep your house well ventilated and dry

Keeping your home ventilated and dry is important. Excess moisture in the air can dampen residual soot, causing it to cake and permeate further into your fabrics. If you live in a warm, dry climate, then opening windows and doors should be sufficient. If not, run your air-conditioning unit on a heating cycle. Some units have a de-humidifying setting that is perfect for this situation.

3. Cover damaged items with plastic sheeting

In the aftermath of a fire, there are likely to be many official visitors to your home. Insurance representatives, fire-fighters, tradesmen, and police officers may all need to access your home to assess damage and investigate the cause of the fire. Covering damaged items with clear plastic sheeting will prevent the fire debris from being further ground into the materials.

If you have insurance, the cost of hiring a specialist fire restorer will generally be covered by your policy. If you're uninsured or your insurance won't cover this expense, the financial outlay for this professional cleaning service will still be significantly less than replacing a house full of damaged items of clothing and furniture. Contact a company like FRSTeam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration to learn more.